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Telephony & Conferencing

Telephony & Conferencing Solutions

We can connect your offices, mobile and home or cottage seemlessly!

Telephony Features:

Local numbers in 44 countriesEase of access internationally
Toll free numbersEase of access for your customers
Multiple GeographiesMulti site integrated phone systems
Remote User AccessHave one or multiple phones anywhere you have network access
Numerous Phone OptionsDesk phone, soft phone for mobile, PC or tablet
Home Connect Transparent Home & Business Network Integration

Conferencing Features:

Full Scale Conference Centre with Individualized RoomsNeed multiple rooms of different size and function? No problem!!
Dynamic conference roomsUnmoderated rooms for anytime use
Moderated conference roomsControlled rooms for specific access
Custom Sized conference rooms5 / 10 / 50 / 100 callers? Not a problem
Caller AnnounceHave everyone know who is on the call
Moderator MuteModerator can mute specific callers
Moderator VolumeModerator can adjust specific callers volumes
Moderator Evict / KickModerator can remove a caller from the conference
Moderator Block Audio to an attendeeModerator can deafen call to a specific caller
Moderator Attendance CheckModerator can review who is on the call
Moderator Conference LockModerator can block / unblock further callers joining

PBX Features:

Auto AttendantAutomated virtual attendant to answer your calls 24 x 7!
Blind TransferTransfer the phone automatically
Live TransferTransfer via in-person connection
Call WaitingMultiple calls per station simultaneously
Custom CallerIDOrganizational or per station naming
Time of Day Call RoutingRoute your calls differently depending on day or time
Ring GroupsHave one or multiple people or devices ring when a call comes in
VoicemailStore upto 99 voicemails
Voicemail to EmailAutomatically have your voicemails sent to your email address
Virtual Voicemail BoxProvide voicemail to people who don’t have a phone or extension
Follow MeHave calls routed to multiple devices (cell, home, deskphone+++)
Hunt GroupsHave calls routed based on priorities and grouping
System Speed DialsCentralized Directory for contacts
Music on HoldNo more elevator music! Play what you want!
Call MonitoringKnow who called whom, when and for how long
Call Detail RecordsItemized listing of inbound and outbound calls

Phone Features

CallerID DisplayKnow who’s calling you before you pick up!
Call ForwardingForward your calls to wherever you want!
Call BackQuick call back to those missed calls!
Call on HoldThe secure way to put the call on hold

Our Customers

No Contracts! No Cancellation Fees!
We want to make it Easy for you to concentrate on your business!


Retail & Hospitality

One stop shop for your I.T. needs.Make us work for you. Relior checks that each customer has the most cost effective program.


Small & Medium Business

Never feel trapped. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no technology lock-in. We ensure each of our customers has the most cost effective program.



Never miss a client call. The follow-me service ensures that you get the call everywhere. Customizable Day Time or After Hours connectivity. Clients can still call the business number after hours and you can pick up on your home or cell phone.


Professional Office

Extend your office wherever you are. Have a business phone, a mobile phone, or your home phone all connected to your office virtually!


Virtual Office

Work from everywhere. No one will know the location of where you take your calls unless you tell them. Save money. Internal calls between work stations are FREE!


Non-Profit / Charities

Leverage your donations to the max! We have special programs to minimize your costs! We can bring all of your teams together in the most cost effective ways!

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What we do ?

  • Bring together services under one roof to make concentrating on your business your primary business! Making the life of a small businessperson easier!
  • Bringing the large enterprise service level experience (the good parts) to small business!
  • Discovering new services that can be done in different ways at affordable rates
  • Bringing together services under one roof to make your business your priority!

Why we do it ?

  • First and foremost – we have fun doing it!
  • Seeing others succeed is highly rewarding!
  • Discovering new services for our clients is gratifying!
  • Leveling the playing field is satisfying!