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No Contracts! No Cancellation Fees! We want to make it Easy for you to concentrate on your business!


Retail & Hospitality

One stop shop for your I.T. needs.

Make us work for you. Relior checks that each customer has the most cost effective program.

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Small & Medium Business

Never feel trapped. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no technology lock-in.

We ensure each of our customers has the most cost effective program.

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Never miss a client call. The follow-me service ensures that you get the call everywhere.

Customizable Day Time or After Hours connectivity. Clients can still call the business number after hours and you can pick up on your home or cell phone.

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Professional Office

Extend your office wherever you are.  Have a business phone, a mobile phone, or your home phone all connected to your office virtually!

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Virtual Office

Work from everywhere. No one will know the location of where you take your calls unless you tell them.

Save money. Internal calls between work stations are FREE!

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Non-Profit / Charities

Leverage your donations to the max!  We have special programs to minimize your costs!

We can bring all of your teams together in the most cost effective ways!

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Relior Benefits

  • Reliable Solutions – geared for your business!
  • Open Solutions – no contracts, no technology lock-in, no cancellation fees!
  • Rational Solutions – easy to use, understand with clear business impact!
  • Solutions targeted to Small Business Owners!
  • Aggressive pricing to help Small Businesses succeed!
  • We care about our clients, we only succeed when you do!


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

“Moving to Relior has been one of those decisions we wish we have made sooner. The support has been brilliant quick, helpful, and personal. Relior was able to provide innovative and economical solutions to our technical and voice requirements. It’s been a one-stop shop for all our needs.”

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives